Social Item Vendor Gear Guide (Republic)

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I was having a tough time finding a list of all of the social item vendors, the gear they sell, and where they're located. So I decided to just make my own. In case you don't know what I am talking about, in SWTOR you can earn Social Points by participating in story dialogues while part of a group. The more Social Points you earn, the higher your Social Rank will be. Certain vendors have items they will only sell to players of the appropriate Social rank. In most cases the vendors sell vanity pets, special mounts, "fun" items, and special armor sets.

This is the gear I am talking about. It's orange-quality gear, so basically statless gear that you can add armor, mods and enhancements to in order to get the stat combinations you want. For the most part also, it is really cheap (with only a few exceptions). Right now all Social gear is of Light armor quality, however my understanding is that the Devs will probably do something like make the gear scale depending on your preferred armor type (though a Trooper in a Slave Girl outfit is kind of disturbing). For now though, this means only Jedi Consulars/Sith Inquisitors and Light Armor-wearing companions can take advantage of wearing this gear in place of gear they might get from other sources.

So that said, if anyone was interested in the Social gear, what it looks like, and where to acquire it, here's a list I put together. Note that this is just what's available to Republic players. Empire players have some different outfits, but I didn't bother searching those out.



Planet: Alderaan

Location: Shining Star Cantina (just north of House Organa entrance)

Item Set: Ulgo Nobles set

Requires: Social Rank III




Planet: Balmorra

Location: Farnel Outpost Cantina (first outpost as you arrive in the zone)

Item Set: Balmorran Resistance Set

Requires: Social Rank II




Planet: Belsavis

Location: Republic Command Center Cantina (to the left of the shuttle as you enter the zone)

Item Set: Prisoner Set

Requires: Social Rank V




Planet: Corellia

Location: Republic Spaceport

Item Set: CorSec Set

Requires: Social Rank VI




Planet: Coruscant

Location: Senate Plaza, Equipment Requisition Center (left entrance as you head toward the Senate Building from the speeder pad; vendor is in the 4th room on the left)

Item Set: Elegant Set (might be female only?)(I'll add a better picture later - servers went down before I could grab one)

Requires: Social Rank I




Planet: Hoth

Location: Command Bunker (central area)

Item Set: Hailstorm Brotherhood Set

Requires: Social Rank IV




Planet: Nar Shadaa

Location: Lower Promenade, Slippery Slopes Cantina

Item Set: Slave Girl Set

Requires: Social Rank II

The preview graphic on this is bugged, so no preview picture showing my toon. I know, you're all SO disappointed. :P

It's basically a short pink/peach version of the Leia bikini from Episode VI. You can also buy a version of this on Ilum called the Republic Dancer's Set from the Security Key Vendor located in the Orbital Station, though I don't know why since it's MUCH more expensive and there doesn't seem to be much difference between them that I can see as far as appearance goes. I also have no idea why this is available at Social Rank II - I would ahve thought it'd be MUCH harder to acquire.




Planet: Quesh

Location: Republic Operations Center, 2nd Floor 

Item Set: Hutt Cartel Set

Requires: Social Rank IV

(This is the set I want for my Smuggler, Jastelle, so if anyone ever feels like running FP's to grind social points, let me know!)




Planet: Republic Fleet

Location: VIP Area, above Carrick Station Cantina (restricted access)

Item Set: Republic Officer's Set

Requires: N/A, though does require that you have a VIP Wristband for access. This set also is expensive - about 20k+ credits per piece




Planet: Taris

Location: Cantina (to the left as you exit the spaceport)

Item Set: Death's Claw Set

Requires: Social IV




Planet: Tatooine

Location: Anchorhead Cantina

Item Set: Sand People Set

Requires: Social III




Planet: Voss

Location: Cantina, Judicial Quarter

Item Set: Voss Mystic Set

Requires: Social VI




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Thanks for the list!

Very nice.  There are some

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Very nice.  There are some funky lookin' sets to be had.  I like the Taris helm.  :P


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I want the sand people gear. XD

"so no preview picture showing my toon"

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Slave Girl Set

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"I also have no idea why this is available at Social Rank II - I would ahve thought it'd be MUCH harder to acquire"

Becuase much like the pigs of our guild, Bioware appreciates scantily clad ladies populating the servers *grins*

For shits and giggles, I'm tempted to roll a portly male toon just to preview the set.  Even better... fat, bald, pasty pale human... with full dark side corruption.  Oh that mental image is going to be hard to shake...


Das Bhut


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You guys are definitely pigs, that's for sure. :P


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I;m a pig for wanting sand people gear???



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Boys will be boys.

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